9 fast ways to remove pimples from your face| Treatment for people with acne prone skin.

In both adults and adolescents acne develop when the oil glands  in certain part of the body,the glands associated with pores, secret too much sebum- the thick waxy substance that acts to retain moist

This excess sebum clogs the pores, thereby making the hair passage impossible, the excess sebum remain beneath the skin  resulting in Whitehead or blackheads that is protruding above the skin.

This skin condition technically called acne vulgaris with its basic features of persistent and recurrent blemishes (red bumps, Whitehead, blackheads, nodules or cysts) on the skin.

Its primary target are the adolescents but in some cases it equally affect adults in their 50s, except  in severe occasion, acne is generally harmless, thuogh it can cause considerable psychological distress and pain among the young People.

How do I treat this distressful skin condition?

🔹 Watching over your diet.

Although there is no clinical proof or evidence that tend to link poor dietary to acne breakout, however for some people certain foods can worsen acne,this culprit may be chocolate, dairy or a salty snack food.

Try keeping a food diary for few weeks,if you experience a breakout look at the foods you ate  two days earlier, once you can figure out the suspected acne trigger, eliminate that food from your diet.

🔹 Taking with your dermatologist.

Where we have some stubborn cases of adult acne that doesn’t respond well to treatments,such will require a stronger methods.ask your dermatologist  to inject a tiny bit of steroid solution into the blemish.
For a wide spread breakouts prescription gels such as epiduo and duac can clear the skin quickly.

🔹Use a nonprescription  drying cream.

The most effective over the  counter preparation contain, benzoyl peroxide, generally it is sold in either 5% or 10% solution,this active ingredient has superficial irritants and drying action that helps loosen the plugs in the hair follicle.

🔹 Washing daily.
Wash daily but not too roughly or too often,use ordinary soap and water for Watching.

🔹Try applying a retinoid.

Retinoids help keep pores from clogging up with the dead skin cells and preventing breaking out all over again.ask  your dermatologist about prescription retinoids, which are actively excellent or try getting one that is available such as Olay, Neutrogena or shiseldo.

🔹Stop the habit of picking at your face.Squeezing and picking at your face increase the chance of inflammation and the risk of scarring,ask your doctor if you can use a blackheads extractor, you can get one from the drugstores, before you use the device soften the affected area of the skin with hot wet compresses  for about 10 minutes, Make  sure that your hands and the extractor are very clean before usage.

🔹Try this home remedy.

Tea tree oil

Some home remedies that can heal blemish fast include toothpaste, contact lens solution and tea tree oil.apply a dab of toothpaste overnight,a bit of contact lens solution or two drops of tea tree oil, this May help reduce inflammation action and redness, drying out the blemish quickly.

🔹 Calm down to treat your pimples.Use products that contain salicylic acid or ask your dermatologist for a topical prescription medication that contain benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin, if your skin doesn’t respond,ask whether a low dosage of antibiotic may be helpful or if your acne might be related to another condition.

🔹 Examine your skin.Adult acne is a common complain that can  be persistent and difficult to treat,to control this skin condition, you have to stop over-scrubbing ,over -treating and over-touching your skin, using too many skin care products can irritate your skin and can worsen the  breakout, withdraw from using variety of products and wait for few days to see if your skin calm down,then try adding product back slowly,one product at a time.
Until we meet again in the next article, see you on top.

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