What are the fast home remedies for adult acne and pimples

Acne outbreak.

Acne is a skin condition that is common among the teenagers as lessons called pimples or blackheads,this pimples may
be superficial or deep, they are often filled with pus.they  mostly make their appearance on the face,neck, shoulders, upper chest and back.

Most acne clears up after adolescent, but in some cases it may continue in adulthood, while severe untreated acne may produce scarring.

In this article,I will be looking at what causes acne and some home remedies to take care of this Stressful skin condition.

The Causes of acne:

🔹 The Genetic factor.

Genetic factor.

There is genetic predisposition for acne which means people whose family  members have acne are also likely to have it down the family line.

🔹 The Stress factor.

Stress as a factor.

Stress may also affect acne,if this happens to be the cause,the condition aften worsen during the time of tress and improve during more stable period.

🔹Propionibateria acnes.

Propionibateria acne.

This is the common bacteria cause of skin infection that usually accompanies acne,these bacteria are present whether the patient has adolescent, persistent or adults onset  acne.

🔹 Acne in teenagers.

Teenagers acne.

They develop acne at a higher rate than any other age groups, this is due to the fact that the hormone production during puberty increases the output of the sebaceous glands and the rate of the skin-cell turnover within the follicles.

🔹Acne in young woman.

Adult acne.

When this is cause by menstrual cycle,it is aften worsen and improve with the rise and fall of hormone levels during the menstrual cycle period.

Many people believe that poor dietary habits can cause acne, foods with high sugar and fat contents are thuoght to affect the skin follicles but there is  no clinical evidence to support this claim.

Studies show that there is no connection between junk food and acne.

Other factors linked with acne include certain medications such as corticosteroids, vitamin B12, lithium and contraceptives.

Also grease, cosmetic, tight clothing and anything that can block your pores can cause acne.

Some home remedies for Acne.

🔹 Moisturising your skin on regular basis.

Moisturising skin.

Extremely dry Skin can have an acne like reaction,so it is important to use a  soothing agent every day, try one that includes a calming type such as strivectin SD sensitive skin,these Skin care products can help protect your skin from the drying element and give it a chance to heal.

🔹 Watching what you eat.

Watching for acne trigger diet.

There is no scientific proof that certain foods can trigger flare-ups ,but if there are such foods that seem to act as a trigger for you, there will be no harm avoiding them.for some people this triggers may be chocolate, dairy or salty snack food.

Try to keep a food diary for few weeks, whenever you experience a breakout look back at the foods you ate two days earlier, once you have figure out the suspected acne trigger , eliminate such food from your diet.

🔹Use water based make up.

Use water based products.

Oil base cosmetics can block sebum  from naturally Reaching the skin surface.stop cosmetics entirely if the acne is severe, when buying make up, make sure it is noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic.

Be sure to remove all cosmetics with soap and water before going to bed and don’t overdo moisturising.

🔹 Avoid prolong exposure to the sun and ultraviolet lamps.

Ultraviolet Ray.

These light sources sometimes work to dry up acne but they can cause long-term skin damage, which may result in skin atrophy or even cancer.

🔹 Learn to live well.

Minimize your alcoholic intake.

Mostly adult acne aften is related to tress and tension,to reduce tress try breathing exercise, meditation,yoga or other activities such as Tai chi,be sure to enough sleep,at least 7 hours at night,well rested skin is an healthy skin . minimize or eliminate your intake of alcohol, which can worsen acne for some people.

🔹 chosen the right exercise gear.

Choose the right exercise outfits.

Working up to a sweat exercising activity while weary tight-fitting, non-absorbent clothes or sweatbands may increase oil production and this in turn may contribute to acne.

🔹 Some home remedies that can heal blemish fast include tooth paste, contact lens solution and tea tree oil,use a dab of tooth paste over night,a bit of contact solution or two drops of tea tree oil may help reduce inflammation and redness, drying out blemish more quickly.

🔹seek expert advice from your dermatologist.

Getting experts advice.

Some cases of stubborn adults acne that doesn’t respond to other treatments requre more stronger methods,ask your dermatologist to inject a tiny bit of steroid solution into the blemish,ask for wide spread breakout prescription gels such as epiduo and duac which have the capacity to clear the skin quickly.
Until we meet again in the next article,see you on top.

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