What are the best ways to improve your memory power? Active memory at any age.

The human memory.
Memory is said to be the registration, retention and the recollection of experiences, thoughts, sensations,ideas and knowledge thus making human memory to be indeed complex than we can ever imagine.
Healthy brains need to remember Important facts, future plans, vocabulary words, social norms and how to perform routine tasks like cooking, bathing, washing and following appointment as scheduled.

To accomplish all these the brain sorts through informations, evaluates the important information, stores away the information and the retrieve it whenever a need for this arises,aften within seconds.

In this article I will run you through what make the mental health active at any given age.

🔹 Making healthy lifestyle your choice.

Healthy lifestyle a most.

For obvious Health reasons don’t smoke or abuse alcohol, reduce stress [*] and exercise regularly [*], maintain a healthy weight and eat diet that is low in saturated fat and eat plenty of fruits & vegetables [*], whole grains[*], learn protein and foods high in omega-3s like fish, they are considered to be memory friendly foods based on research.

🔹 Getting enough sleep.

Getting quality rest.

Sleeping is important for maintenance of healthy memory, during sleeping time your brain consolidates and firm up newly acquired information, study shows that people are better at remembering recently learned information the next day if they have had a good night sleep.

🔹 Staying in close contact with friends and family.

Friends and family impact.

Socialize regularly with friends and family members, research shows the people tend to live longer when they are close with their friends and family than any other people, get out of the house to meet with your love one and do what you enjoy doing with the people you enjoy being with, join group or club that interest you.

🔹 Write down Important things.

Writing down note matters.

Make list,if you had trouble remembering phone numbers or appointments write them down and place the list in a conspicuous spot so that it can easily serve as a notice, making a daily to-do list will remind you of important tasks and obligations,this simple acts of writing note and making list reinforce memory.

🔹 Challenge your mind.

To stay mentally active,read,play card games or chess, learn a new language or do crossword puzzles or Sudoku,turn off the television, research shows that Watching TV is a passive activity that doesn’t stimulate your mind and is in fact associated with an increased risk for cognitive  decline.

🔹 Repeat out important information loudly.

Verbal reminder.

Saying things out loud provide an extra verbal reminder,for example you can say repeatedly:” I will go to the grocery store” to help you remember,incorporate a new person’s name into the conversation immediately after you have met to consolidate your memory.

🔹Try to concentrate,focus and relax.

Concentrate, focus and relax.

To improve your memory,pay close attention to new information and try to avoid distraction, with the very intention to remember tell yourself: ”this is important” alerting your brain that such information needs to be stored.slow down and relax when you are trying to remember information, learning a relaxation techniques
Could be helpful.

🔹manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Manage chronic disease.

Following your doctors recommendation for Healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure and for managing blood sugar levels is a step in a right direction, certain conditions can cause memory loss,so ask your health care provider if your medicine could be the cause.

🔹 Making use of memory aids.

Memory aid device.

Memory aids such as your cell phone,a notepad,a wrist watch alarm, online calendar or any other devices can help you remember what you need to do and keep track of important information, place important items like your glasses or keys in the Same spot whenever you are not using them.

🔹Use other techniques to improve your memory.

Use other memory techniques.

Use visual images or group items to help you memorize things, this is called mnemonic, you can relate to a person’s name by visualizing such name as doing something special that you have been very much use to. Alphabetise lists or create a meaningful short story, rhythm, acronym or acrostic around the related object to be remembered.

🔹Try as much as you can to stay lively and happy.

Happiness is the key.

Happiness is like a medicine, its health benefits  can never be overemphasize, detox bad friends away from your life, keep journal of positive events around you, this help to positively refresh your memories whenever challenges come, stay around the positive people you like and always remember that:an happy mind is an healthy mind.

Until we meet again in the next article, stay healthy and see you on top.

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