What are the best strategies for a better sleep?

Healthy sleep.
A good quality sleep enhances mental alertness and general well-being,how you feel during your walking hours hinges greatly on how well you sleep.

Similarly the cure for sleep difficulties is aften found in your daily routine, your sleep schedule, bedtime habits and day to day lifestyle choices can make an enormous difference in helping you stay productive,. mentally alert, emotionally balance and energetic.

In this article I will be sharing with you strategies for a better sleep because healthy sleep is your birthright.

🔹 Make your bedroom comfortable.

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To promote a good night sleep your bedroom should be quite,dark, cool and comfortable, you can consider using a sleep mask, earplugs or sound machine, you can install an air conditioner and light-blocking blinds, shades or curtains, getting a comfortable pillow and mattress is equally necessary.

🔹Avoid stimulants.

Avoid stimulants.

Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine particularly late in the day can disrupt sleep,if you are hungry, take a light snack before bed to enable you sleep better but don’t eat a big meal, limit liquids in the  evening time to prevent frequencies bathroom visit during the night.

🔹 Establish a good bedtime routine.

A good bedtime routine.

Engaging in a peaceful bedtime activities such as relaxing in a warm bath, reading a favorite novel or listening to soft music can signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down at the end of the day.

🔹Go to bed when you are tired.

Going to bed when tired.

If you find out that you are ready for bed too early most evenings,find a mildly stimulating activity to avoid falling asleep right after dinner and get ready for bed when you are tired, don’t regularly try to force yourself to stay awake.

🔹 Get up at the same time each day.

Practice healthy sleep hygiene.

Good sleep hygiene involves going to bed and waking up about the same time every day, even during weekends and holidays, because if you are get enough sleep you should be able to wake up naturally, without depending on an alarm clock every morning.

🔹Use your bedroom only for sleep and intimacy.

For sleeping purpose only.

Don’t put a television or computer in your room, as light from these devices can disrupt the sleep cycle,if you associate your bed with other activities it can make it harder to get a good night rest, condition yourself to go to bed and sleep.

🔹 Take a midday nap.

Midday napping.

Napping can be almost as restorative as nighttime sleep. A 15 to 20 minutes nap during the day can help make you more alert and refreshingly great.napping for 50-90 minutes can provide restorative sleep but may make you feel groggy afterward.

🔹 Ask your doctor about prescription sleep aids.

Ask your health care provider.

Talk to your health care provider about using sleeping aids along with good sleep hygiene practices to treat short term or occasional sleep problems.

🔹 Moderate exercise but not close to bedtime.

Moderate physical activity.

Exercising regularly as little as 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day can help promote sleep, morning or early afternoon is the best because vigorous exercise late in the day can be too stimulating and can interfere with sleep.

🔹 Avoid Stress and stop worrying.

Avoid Stress.

For many people tress[*] is a major contributing factor of sleep difficulties, practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercise, muscle relaxation and visualization before bed, keep a notepad handy to write down Important thought so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

Please don’t forget to Send me a commitment on topic you will like to be covered, because together we all learn more,thank you.

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