Healthy aging|Aging With Grace.

healthy aging.

To age is a normal and natural phenomenal that occurs to everyone, it’s a natural turning that is difficult to avoid, aging means different things to different people, some embrace it with joy while others consider it otherwise.

In my humble opinion aging is a signal that we are all but a visitor on this planet Earth,in due time we shall all get back home.some spend much time while others spend less time on earth, but the lesson here is that:we come and we shall all leave one day.

It is a fact of life that every living thing age, aging could be described as growing older, developing or maturing,the aging process involves progressive changes in the body’s ability to generate, produce and replace healthy cells.

Over the time aging affect every cell in the organ, structure and tissue of the a children or in adolescents stage we seldom give much thought to growing old, however at some point during our 30s,40s and 50 most people begin to see and feel the effect of middle age,these period in time often brings some cosmetic changes such as few wrinkles and gray hairs and some degree of physical decline such as aches and pain of arthritis that we didn’t notice before.

Some added weight, others have issue with high blood pressure to mention but a few, by 60s and 70s most people discover that old age has suddenly crept up on them.

One surprising thing to learn about the physiological effect of aging is that some occur earlier than expected, according the national institute of health (NlH) beginning at about 20 years of age the lung tissue loses elasticity in a gradual decreasing manner that affect the maximum amount of air you can take in with each breath.

Aging affect every aspect of our lives, physical, physiological, mental and emotional,aging is a life long process, taking proper care of ourselves and making healthy lifestyles choices at every stage of life can go a long way towards helping us live longer and Reducing our risk of disability.

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