Looking younger: looking creatively good as you are.

Looking younger.

To a young lady look is everything to her, her face, appearance and posture are big business, because life is just starting out.

In this article I will be sharing with you the tips on how to enhance your good look.for anything that is good demand maintenance including our Skin.

🔹 Activate your fight back against sun damage and wrinkles.

It’s rather difficult to stop the march of time,but you can try an exfoliant with glycolic acid- help keeping your skin looking its best without spending much.

🔹 Keep your skin clean.

Preserve your facial skin’s natural protective oils,simply rinse it with water each morning,wash away the day’s grime with a gentle creamy cleanser with ingredients such as polysorbate,cocamidropropyl betain or capricylic acid each evening.

🔹 Exfoliate once a week.

Gently remove dead skin cells to brighten skin quickly, Exfoliating ingredients include bamboo bark, brown sugar, oatmeal, whole grains,tiny beads,rock salt and apricot seed.

For sensitive skin,try a product with lactic acid or use a wash cloth to Gently rub face lotion over your skin.

🔹Use the ultimate skin-saver daily.

Sunscreen is the cheapest,most effective way to combat Skin aging,try a broad spectrum oil- free SPF 15 ever day.an SPF 30 when you are considered to be outside a lot and a powerful broad-spectrum spray when you are at the beach.

🔹Ask your dermatologist for a good prescription product.

Retinoic acids, chemical derivative of vitamin A,are a gold standard for anti-ageing Products. Some retinoids (retinol,retinyl palmtate) are available in over the counter (OTP) products,but for some people the results have been inconsistent.

🔹 Get on moisturiser.

If you have dry skin as mine is,apply moisturizer each morning and night,this is going to be a most,look for those that contain humedents,which attract water to the Skin -glycerin, hyaluronic acid and emollients which seal the moisture in.

🔹 Protect your hands and your neck.

When you are using moisturizer and sunscreen, Don’t forget to apply them liberally to your neck and hand as well, typically these areas can age almost as fast as the Skin on your face.

🔹Talk to your doctor about Antioxidants.

The claim is that Antioxidants neutralize cell damaging and skin aging substances in our bodies, Antioxidants shows promise but results have been uneven, still it is worth discussing them with your dermatologist or trying an OTC Product alone or with a retinoic acid.

🔹 Smile easily and consciously try not to frown, there are people who frown too much and sooner or later get those furrowed lines between their brows.

🔹 Exercise:-not too intense but a moderate amount to keep circulation going smoothly.

🔹 Stress less.try not to ever exert your self, the”I most get it at all cost attitude” isn’t the best way to life,be comtempt with what you have got and use your available resources to get more of what you want.if you are chronically Stressed,this put you in a constant state of flight or fight response which release the Stress hormone cortisol and increase chronic inflammation and Aging.

Taking care of your body which is only one,it may be making a small but significant sacrifice daily that will effect your health and well-being in the long term, always remember that we are what we eat,eat healthy and eat to live for 120 years.

See you in the next article.

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