Obesity|what must I know ?

Obesity- a rising concern.

Weight control has become a serious issue for many people throughout the world, people who are obese or overweight are more likely to develop diabetes, coronary artery disease,- heart disease, cardiovascular disease,and gallbladder disease among other illinesses.

Obesity increases the risk for high blood pressure and breathing issues such as asthma, sleep apnea (OSA) as well as stroke, people who are overweight also may suffer from emotional or psychological disorders including depression.

🔹 What are the signs and symptoms of obesity?

The sign of obesity is often visual,a person can look in a mirror and notice heavier area of the body, clothing may no longer fit correctly,a visit to the doctor may lead to measurement of fat in the  midsection.

some studies have shown that excess weight in the midsection,- belly or abdomen, increases the rate of health problems such as health disease.

Body mass index (BMl) is a reliable indicator of overweight for most people,the BMl which is calculated from a person weight and height may be used to help determine the risk for related health problems,for more information on BMl check here [*].

🔹 What are the complications associated with overweight or obesity?

🔸 Emotional issue:- it’s become a subject of concern in a society that place great value on their appearance, people who are obese often suffer from depression, discrimination and rejection in a social situations.

🔸 Diabetes:- this happen to be the major cause of type 2 diabetes, additional fat can raise blood pressure and make the presence of insulin to be less effective.

🔸 Fatty liver disease:-this happen when excess fat accumulate in the liver,which may result in inflammation and sometimes leading to cirrhosis of the liver.

🔸High blood pressure (hypertension).
Extra fatty tissues create a need for more oxygen and nutrients, thereby putting more pressure on the artery walls because there is more blood flowing for obese people.

🔸 Increase the amount of fat deposit in the blood,this may interfere with blood flow to the brain and can lead to stroke and can narrow the coronary arteries  thereby causing coronary artery disease.

🔸 Gallbladder disease:- due to the higher cholesterol levels in the gallbladder,obese people are more likely to develop gallstones.

🔸 Cancer:- obesity can increase the chances of  colon cancer, gallbladder cancer, ovarian cancer,breast cancer, uterine cancer and cervical cancer.

🔸Gout and osteoarthritis:- extra weight can put pressure on joints particular in the lower back, knees and hips, eventually the cartilage that cushion the joints starts to wear away causing pain, stiffness and deterioration.

🔸 Heart problems.

Plaque accumulation.

hypercholesterolemia can cause the formation and accumulation of plaque deposit in the arteries, plaque which is composed of cholesterol and other fatty substances, fibrous tissue and calcium.

When plaque build in the arteries it result in atherosclerosis or colonary heart disease (CHD).

Atherosclerosis can lead to plaque rupture and blockages in the arteries, which increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and circulation problem.

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