Obesity|How to avoid overeating ?(2)

Ways to avoid overeating.

Age,gender,body size and the level of physical activity dictate how many calories you need each day to lose weight or to stay at a healthy weight
It’s always good to adopt habit that would help you avoid overeating and do away with the high calorie low Nutrient foods that are most strongly link to Weight gain such as sugar, sweetened beverages, refined grains and potatoes.

💠 How Do I Avoid Overeating ?

🔸 Eating mindfully.

Taking time to think about why you are actually Eating is an easy way to avoid needless calories, whenever you are hungry make the healthiest food and drink choices possible, when you are not hungry choose something else to do or have a piece of fruit instead of a full meal.

🔸 Choose a small portion and eat slowly.

Slowing down at meals and choosing smaller portions can help avoid overeating by giving the brain time to tell the stomach when it has had enough food, limiting distractions, turning off the television can also help us focus on the food.

🔸 Practice eating at home.

Fast food, restaurant meals and other foods prepare away from home tend to have larger portions and are less nutritious than the foods we cook ourselves.

🔸 Don’t forget your breakfast.

While it may seem like skipping a meal is an easy way to cut calories, this skipping most of the time usually backfire whenever hunger come raging back at mid-day, often leading to overeating.

While eating focus all of your senses on the food,so that you can truly enjoy what you are eating per time.


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