Obesity|my way out (1)

Obesity|the preventive measure.

Many factors can contribute to obesity and overweight which includes lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, too little sleep.we have medical conditions e.g hypothyroidism and we have genetic factor (heredity).
When a person take in more calories than he or she uses obesity result,these excess calories are stored in the body as fat and unless weight control strategies are  put in place more and more weight is gained.

People tend to gain weight when they eat high calorie foods and do not get enough exercise,on this article more light will be brought on how to prevent obesity and yet staying relevantly healthy with much focus on:

🔹 Making healthy choice on diet.
🔹 Limiting your intake of  unhealthy foods.

💠 Your diet and the weight loss.

Experts believe and do recommend a daily low calorie intake and suggestion for healthy meals for obese patients because here your calorie intake matters when addressing the issue of overweight.

The healthy meals include fruits and vegetables, protein rich foods and complex high-fiber carbohydrates found in whole grains and brown rice as oppose to complex carbohydrates found in table sugar and fruit juices.

In most cases obese patients are advised to reduce fat intake, control portion sizes, examine food labels for  calorie counts and cut back on junk foods.

Over the counter meal replacements are another great way to reduce calorie intake, while most adults consume between 2000 to 2500 calories each day,obese patients are sometimes given a very low calorie diet of 800 calories a day

💠 Choosing healthy foods.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables,healthy fats, protein sources and beverages are considered important here Because calories matter for weight control and some foods make it easier for us to keep our calories in check.

Healthy eating is the key to good health as well as maintenance of healthy weight.

🔹 What do I eat ?

Try your best to choose minimally processed whole foods such as:
🔸 whole fruits and not fruit juices
🔸A colorful variety of vegetables.
🔸 Whole grains such as whole wheat, steel cut oats, brown rice and quinoa.
🔸Nuts,seeds,beans and other healthy sources of protein-fish and poultry.
🔸 Plant oil, olive oil  and other vegetables oil.
🔸 Drink water or other beverages that are naturally calorie Free.

💠 Limiting unhealthy foods.

It is time to limit those foods and drinks as much as possible:

🔸 Fruit juice:- should not be taking more than a small amount a day.
🔸 Refined grain:- white bread, white rice, white pasta and sweets.
🔸 Potatoes- baked or fried.
🔸Red meat:-pork, beef,lamb and processed meats Salami, ham,bacon,  sausage.
🔸 Sugar sweetened beverages:-soda, fruit drinks, sport drinks.
🔸 And other highly processed foods such as fast food.

The best way to avoid obesity is to take responsibility and actions for our health.always eat to stay healthy.


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