What are the natural ways to remove toxins from your body?

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Whatever is our level of inventions and achievement on the planet earth and the universe as a whole, Nature is our first and the best teacher, that we can see the birds flying, Nature is passing a message across, the massage of hope that:human can invent an aircraft  to fly, when we see the horses running, it triggers another signal that we can build an automobile, as a means of transportation better than human primitive means of trekking around.

Seeing the sun shining,is another avenue to know that we can invent an energy bulb to take care of the night time, when the sun has gone to rest preparing for the following day activity to give light as usual.

This is what am pointing at, that nature has given us a liver,a detoxifying biological organ,is an indication that detoxification is natural and is real, that we have a skin which help to pass out the body waste substances such as sweat,is a clear sign that detoxification is highly backed by nature,the best way to live an healthy lifestyle is to listen first to what nature has to say and the very message it is passing across, through this act we can learn more and build on it.

Detoxification,a process that eliminate all the harmful toxins accumulated inside the body, eliminating substances like alcohol, drugs and other pollutant waste etc,are  ways to cleanse and energise our system for optimal functioning.

In this article,we shall be looking at 11 ways to detox your body naturally.

🔹 Detox the brain by getting enough sleep and rest.

Chronic lack of sleep can worsen the memory, brain experts from California university and Berkeley, have found with a convincing proof that lack of sleep can worsen the memory and cause Alzheimer.

During a full night sleep,the brain cells remove dangerous toxic compounds  in our brain,if you don’t get enough rest it may have a devastating effect on the brain cells.

🔹get access to detox diet and fasting.

A diet of natural juice made from fruits and vegetables has the best cleaning and regenerating effect of flushing the toxin out body the body, fasting either alone with water or a natural juice is another powerful detox technique,but this should be considered done only under a close supervision. Drink a freshly made fruit juice daily or taking greens such as Kale, spinach and cilantro, you can as well start your day with a juice made with apples, carrots, lemons,ginger, turmeric and beetroot.

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🔹 Eliminating toxin oil from your diet.

Toxin oil such as vegetables oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, cotton seed oil and canola oil,are to be substituted with good oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, Avocado oil,hemp oil and flaxseed oil.hemp oil for instance is a great source of Omega-3s.

🔹 Taking your physical activity seriously.

Exercise improves the metabolic rate, stimulate sweating, and aid up the detoxification process,also rigorous exercising may lead to increase production of metabolic waste out of the body, hence it should be accompanied with intake of adequate water or healthy fluid for proper bowel elimination and to aid cool sleep.

🔹 Minimize or eliminate completely your sugar intake.

Not only is excess sugar harmful to the body but also it will be better to avoid substitute that contain toxic artificial sweeteners,opt instead for natural version such as stevia, honey, coconut sugar,date sugar, molasses or maple syrup.

🔹 Drink green and herbal tea such as Neolife Tea, dandelion, nettles etc,these teas help the body detoxify and clear out toxins.

🔹 Minimize your intake of white flour and white breads.

White flour overworks the digestive system, which can lead to digestive disorders and also can make it difficult to have normal bowel movements.

🔹 Eating legumes.

Legumes are great source of protein and fiber which help to keep the bowel eliminating properly.

🔹 Taking more of raw fruits,herbs and vegetables.

Fruits ,herb and vegetables contain enzymes that aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption.

🔹 Taking probiotics supplement.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good,most especially for our digestive system,they are termed as good because they help to keep the gut healthy, you can find them in supplements and some foods such as yogurt.

Taking foods that contain live culture such as culture vegetables,greek yogurt or kefirs, help the beneficial bacteria kill the harmful bacteria, the yeast help to heal the lining of the intestines.

🔹 Above all be happy, smile,laugh and avoid polluted air.

Without much argument,I know there is adversity, but learn how to find the positive side in every day living, focus on this positive side and move on,life is in a constant motion, you can avoid be stagnant, keep moving, as you do Stress would be reduced and the progress your make while moving will fuel you to be happy.

See you in the next article, remain Healthy.

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  1. So many Truths here, our bodies are natural healers. We have everything we need and more to be truly healthy, just have to remove the things that are hurting us and our body will take care of the rest!

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    1. Remember your smiling Reduce Stress, whereas optimism make you live much more longer,I sincerely recommend these two product of success.buy it and use its works like magic.

      The two products are only available…… right inside your heart.

      Am happy to see you around.thanks for your visit.

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